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“we list every token”

every token listed

ICOs currently struggle to get their tokens listed. In turn, investors face illiquidity and entirely dependent on the will of the issuer enable the buying and selling of tokens. YUPER is disrupting the dependency of ICOs on the will of exchanges and proved the liquidity needed.

low fees 0.5% only

The listing of tokens is currently expensive for ICOs - money which is missing for product development, promotion, and distribution. With a fixed and low fee of 0.5% of the issue volume only, we are the cheapest exchange in the market. The best is: The payment is due in ICO tokens only.


YUPER is the first token exchange to list tokens within four different market segments. This categorization allows for clear differentiation of market segments and makes it easier for investors to select their investment strategy. It furthermore incentives performance of ICOs.



the market segments



The premium segment will cover the 30 most relevant ICOs in terms of market capitalization as well as performance and expected growth.



The small-cap segment covers all ICOs which do not fit into premium concerning their volume or relevance but appears to be promising and stable in its outlook.



The light cap segment is dedicated to housing all ICOs with relatively small market capitalization. They may range from very small issues to those who probably will fail in their development.



The segment of asset-backed tokens is covering all tokens with an underlying. This, in particular, will include tokens covered by mortgages as well as those backed by collaterals.