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The flat fee exchange!

1.00€per transaction

because crypto trading needs to be simple!

All orders placed via YUPER exchange will incur only a flat transaction fee of 1€ only. Hence, YUPER features to date probably the most convenient and revolutionary fee model in the crypto exchange market.




0 €

for trades with an order
volume up to 250 €

beyond that, 1% of the order volume

min. balance 0 YUPER tokens


1.00 €

for trading every token

min. balance 100 YUPER tokens


0 €

trading all tokens

min. balance 2,000 YUPER tokens

* blockchain writing fees may be applicable additionally



Louisa is curious about bitcoins (BTC). She wants to discover how cryptocurrencies work and invest some small amount to become more familiar with this now asset class. Hence, she decides to buy Bitcoins worth 50 Euro. For this type of first-time buyers, YUPER does not charge any transaction fees. Only blockchain writing charges are applicable and will transparently be displayed within the transaction review page. YUPER hence is the perfect solution for beginners and small stake investors to practice how cryptocurrencies work. This offer, however, is currently limited to a total volume of transactions worth 250 Euro. Exceeding this amount enacts the normal flat fee

A single user exceeding this amount will be charged a 1% fee of each transaction, making YUPER still one of the cheapest token exchanges for small stake transactions.

Exemplarily the fees for the 100€ transaction will be as follows:

Given the bitcoin price is at 10.000€, Lousia will get about 0.01 BTC for her transaction. Every transaction has to be written to the blockchain. This fee is for bitcoin regularly 1Euro per transaction. Thus, she is getting actually credited to her account only 0.009 Bitcoin for her order.

In case Louisa is getting more experienced and starts using Bitcoin more frequently, she will bypass the free tier of 250 Euro. Hereafter, YUPER charges a transaction fee of 1% for every transaction only, in case Louisa does not hold any YUPER tokens.


If Louisa wants to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens more regularly and larger amounts, she may use our 1.00 Euro flat fee. Therefore, she needs to hold a minimum of 100 YUPER tokens within her account.


For heavy traders, however, we offer a full flat zero cost user level, too. To qualify for this highly cost-efficient approach, a user must hold a minimum of 2,000 YUPER tokens in her or his account. Usually this scheme is suitable for large volumes or numerous trades executed.


Any change to the fee schedule will be announced no fewer than five calendar days before such changes are to take effect.